Der König Der Könige by Ernst Fuchs

colour etching
Total size: 25.9 × 19.5 inches


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colour etching
year: 2012
signed and numbered by hand
edition: 150
condition: in mint condition
size: 15.4 × 11.7 on 25.9 × 19.5 inches
item number: 103367

Comparison to a 6 feet tall person
25.9 × 19.5 inches


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Ernst Fuchs

Ernst Fuchs
Born on February 13th 1930, Professor Ernst Fuchs is one of the founders of the "Viennese school of Fantastic Realism".

During his 12 years in Paris, Ernst Fuchs´s circle of friends included Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau and Jean-Paul Satre.
After Paris he travelled through various countries before retreting to the Dormitio monastery in Jerusalem where he began his monumental "Last Supper".

In 1962 Ernst Fuchs returned to Vienna as apainter and sculptor of internatioal repute.
It is here that he bougt the Villa Wagner in 1972 which is now a private museum open to the public.

Ernst Fuchs has lived in Monte Carlo since 1987.